Tuesday, May 04, 2010

End Of Game Fun. Fun? Yes.

9:39: Okay, so during the top of the 8th, I joined Kim in watching a movie, while keeping the game up on the laptop. When Abreu came up, loaded, 1 out, tie game, I had to have a double play. I had a prophecy of a DP, but on GameDay, you can't tell exactly what happened, and my prophecy had it being a crazy DP, leaving me wondering just what happened. So GameDay showed me "in play, out(s)," and sure enough, it was a DP! At that point, Kim said she was done with the movie, so I flipped to the game to see the replay of the (kinda) amazing double play! And the movie we'd been watching? Mothman Prophecies!

So now we're up, bottom 8, and Papi is up, loaded, no outs....

double effing play to the drawn-in infield. 4-2-3. Anything else, Papi!!!!! Goddamn it.

Beltre up. Still in that spot where a single scores two and we get three outs and it's over... 3-0 on the Executive, Beltre. Ball four.

9:46: I'm doing the updates at the bottom so it reads like a normal post. Hermida up. Loaded. Come on, Hermes Engravedigger. 2-0! 2-2 now. Lowell with a helmet on.... Three-run double!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Mida Maid! Was a lazy fly ball! Don seemed to think it was gold all the way, but it was such a catchable ball. Is that that asshole who dogged in on the final play of the crazy game we played against them last season? Anyway, it's now 4-1 and we're three outs away.

9:51: Pitching change. Did you know Maine Powerball is... okay, I'll shut up about that.

9:52: Where's Kapstein tonight? Lowell pinch-hitting...half-dong! Gapper and it's 5-1.

9:55: Pedroia walks after a single, loaded again.

10:00: We go to 9 as J-VE Lopez strikes out. Now I'll make an ass out of u and me and say that my next update will be in a few minutes after a 1-2-3 ninth. Pap in.

10:06: Done. Win. World Series.


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