Monday, May 24, 2010


A nice pressure-free win against the best team, record-wise on May 24th, in baseball and their dead crowd. 6-1 us. That's also our record in our last seven games.

Another great job by a starter, as half-bearded Clay goes 6 and gives up just a run. Oka shuts 'em down for 7-8, and Bard, who I'm now calling "Brad Daniels," finishes it off.

The Exec, Youk, and Papi continue their Hot Mays Hayes. And Tek is still a .300 hitter.

Tomorrow, Lester and Shields.

Tonight on Jeopardy!, Alex was reading an answer about sneakers called "Spiz'ikes." It ended with the term, "what what." And freakin' Alex must not have asked his kids about this one, as he said it in old-man Yiddish, as if his grandkid was poking him while he was napping: "Vaht? Vaht??" Coming next week, Alex learns the "my bad" phrase.

Ha!, "old-man Yiddish." I love it!
And Tek is still a .300 hitter.

And almost as cool as that is the extra run scored that he slimed from Victor.

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