Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dice KC'd

We scored three runs, and only gave up four hits. That should be a win, son, but Dice-K was a little "just a bit outside"-ey, and we lose a mildly tough one, 4-3 to KC. But we get to hear Millar talkin' before and after, so we got that proverbially goin' for us.

We had a possible triple play liner, then another (which at that point could have only been 2), in that one inning, but neither happened. But we did get out of the bases-loaded jam. Too bad we're not looking back at that and saying it was the key to a W.

One of our runs was a gift anyway, as it came after the ump getting hit by a grounder. Ball hit the side of mound and hopped up, that's why. You shoulda told the cazh fans that, Remy!

Billy Hall hit a dong. Too bad NESN missed it.

That Office actor in the front row clapped really hard for a Scutaro bingle. I'd guess he's a real fan, but I could be wrong.

Okay, this is random (that is my theme, here...), but when they showed that oddly long shot of the people in the second row leaving, I decided that since it was one batter into the fourth, they must have been sharing those seats--three innings each. Why else would all three of them take all their stuff and leave at the same time? If that was you, please comment, I must know if I was right! (Even if you're someone else, can you just pretend to be them and confirm? Thanks.)

Thanks to Chan for sending me this.

I guess that Pixels thing is gonna be a movie. (Nice job on that short, but, why aren't the Tetris shapes rotating in the air? And Frogger kind of jumped over a car there. Speaking of frogs....)

A-rod's "march to 600 home runs" has a sponsor? That's un-possible.

Oh, and remember this from last June? "MLB President and COO Bob DuPuy said in a conference call he expects more clubs to follow this season and then "we'll be up to a majority of the clubs" for 2010." He's talking about the Yanks getting in-market I was pissed at the time, but the good part was that at least the rest of the teams would follow. Well, it's been almost a year. As far as I can tell, no other teams have joined up, making my original theory that this was a pinstriped conspiracy look better. If anyone has any info, Lemmy know.


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