Thursday, May 06, 2010

Brush Envy

If you had told me the Red Sox would be involved in sweeps in consecutive series against the Orioles and Angels, I would've sent you back to the time machine from whence you came. But not before failing at the little guessing game you would have surely insisted on playing.

I was quite pissed at Dice in the first, but he ended up keeping us in it. And even though we had squanders in frame 1 and 2, I felt somehow like we were winning all along. Soon 4-0 them became 7-6 us. Okay, not soon. But then the Angels started losing it, and it went to 11-6, and the sweep was just about clinched.

NE-SiNs: That pop-up that the Angels' catcher and first baseman didn't catch, despite it landing on the field. Never got a good angle on it. And going back to last night--they kinda missed Nomar's first pitch. Without the kinda. Also, NO ONE likes seeing little ads pop up as the pitch is about to come in.

Didn't you think Vik-E Mart's dong was crushed? Don and Rem acted like it was due to the wind, but that thing went over the 'pen! And I felt it was gone off the bat.

Those Angels can be real BS artists, eh? Dude clearly drops ball on purpose. Spreads arms out, even. Umps call shenanz, and Scioscia goes Networking, incredibly pretending to think the dude honestly dropped the ball. Then the guy himself starts pointing to his glove, keeping a straight face. Maybe they graduated from the Clemens Institute of Self-Convincing.

Have you heard of this new movie Trash Humpers? Look it up. (May want to NOT look it up.)

Earlier I mentioned my time at Army Baseball Camp. Tonight, I finally went through a box of attic stuff my parents gave me last weekend, and right on top were the team pics, signed by the lately late Robin Roberts. I'll have to post those, along with some other cool stuff.

Finally, you know Robert Vaughn, right? Known to my generation as "the villain from Superman III," and to the previous one as "the guy from The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," he currently does a lot of ads for law firms. He's the guy who sternly tells you that you need the lawyer in question after a funny skit shows you how the opposing ones cower at the thought of him. I've lived in different places and seen Robert representing several different lawyers. Anyway, while watching a "local" NESN ad for this Maine lawyer, I noticed Robert's face, only this time, it seemed as if they actually had Vaughn pretending to be the lawyer himself! I found the graphic of it online. Click here. That's not Joe Bornstein! (Side note: Vaughn used to live in my town. I played Little League with his son, Cassidy, and my sister once babysat for him.)

Yanks in town tomorrow night. They keep releasing good seats for Sunday night. Four together in the IFGS or down by the Pesky Pole, on the good side, etc. Take your mom!

Robert Vaughn should, and will, be always known first and foremost as Napoleon Solo. 2nd Place goes to his role as one of the Magnificent Seven, and 3rd Place is a tie for being Steve McQueen's bureaucratic antagonist in Bullitt, and the bad guy in a Columbo episode. Superman III was an abomination, only partially redeemed by providing one of the key plot points for Office Space.
Ah, but Mike Bolton points out it's underrated!

Hey at least it was better than IV: The Quest for Peace or whatever. And Supergirl with the lefty Statue of Liberty.
Never saw IV or Supergirl, but I have no doubt you're correct.
The poster for SG had a reversed image of the SoL. Terrible.

Also, for anyone who missed it, Remy was knocking Orsillo for having a giant hairbrush last night and they were totally losing it. Don, in a fit of laughter said "you have brush envy," hence the title of this post, which also fit nicely into the Sweep theme. So....
I was there last night, in the Coke deck standing room, next to some wild and crazy guys who had their faces painted red and blue and were yelling the whole time. Surely, they must have been on TV at some point, did anyone see this?
No. But these are the kind of comments I like!

They did show these girls at the top of the bleachers "cheerleading." They showed them so much that they went in for one more view of them after the final out was made. Only to see them simply grabbing their things and walking down the steps.

But no I don't remember seeing your guys. MLBN might have, though.
My great aunt took my sister and I to Baskin Robbins when were like 8 and she saw Robert Vaughn there. She started shrieking like one of those people at a red carpet event and I think she completely freaked him out.
haha--if it was a Friday night, we were probably there.

I think that B-R is still there. Or it was in like the early 00s.
I just stumbled, completely by chance, across a description of Trash Humpers.

Eh, no Peg.

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