Monday, May 17, 2010

A Bright Spot For The Yanks On Their Way To Ultimate Failure

Really great call by Don saying before the game was over what a gutty win it'll be, one we can build momentum from. Fool!

It killed me that it was a bloop that started the ninth and allowed the A-Rod dong to tie it--but if Pap was gonna be givin' up multiple multi-run dongs anyway, well, it didn't really matter. I am glad we made a comeback tonight, and I'm gonna move on, and hope the Yanks fall on their hideous fuckin' faces tomorrow night and every night after that.

Dice-K made me berry, berry mad in the first. Yet in classic enigma-wrapped-in-riddle-sauteed-in-cliche Dice style, he somehow kept us in the game. We just had to work a little harder to get back in it.

I guess another thing I was mad at but it kinda ended up not mattering was how Youk couldn't get that insurance run in from third against Javy. And that McDonald couldn't catch that ball that hit his glove.

NESN is ridiculous with their whole "getting fooled on fly balls" thing. The A-Rod HR--we basically never saw where it went. They showed the ball in the sky, I guess going for the Emmy shot instead of letting us know where the fielder is. Not the only time they did this on a fly ball tonight alone. But on the A-Rod one, we see only at the last second that JVE climbed the wall, as they stuck with just the flight of the ball the whole time. Then they never showed a replay of the ball leaving the park. Not one. Finally Remy said, "One more look at this homer...." One more? We never saw it! They kept saying things like "no doubter," but even if the wall-climb was just for show, I'd like to see if it was at all close to being caught. And I woulda been really pissed if he made the catch but we missed it because NESN wasn't showing the fielder. If you wanna show the ball, at least make it a wide shot so those of us who aren't watching for artsy camera-technique purposes (all of us) can see where the fielder is.

Chan Ho Park doesn't always pause in the stretch position, but they never call a balk. But that's okay, he gives us what we need in other ways. I love how Girardi said he'd "love to get him in there"! What, instead of Hughes for 7, then Joba and Mo, you'd rather have Chanifornia Howay Parktrol in there?? I love that that was his plan! And that that's how it went down. Too bad we couldn't hold on for a win after all that, with the dongs by Victor (2), Drew, and Papi.

That really was funny when Tito's argument with the ump was pre-empted by God Bless America. By the time the song was over, he didn't even feel like fighting any more.

Beach ball on the field at the New Loo tonight. Reminded me of how I haven't seen many at Fenway this season. On the field or just in the crowd. Usually it doesn't have to be "beach" weather for those things. (A fine Fenway bleacher tradition, I might add! Despite Castig's dislike of it. Or was it Trupe who really hated beach balls? I can't remember now.)

Am I the only one who's amazed that there's a commercial shown during Red Sox games that uses the "balls out" term?

Did you see how Fox showed the fan on the field in Saturday's game? The old excuse for not showing that stuff was that it might "encourage" someone else to do it. Maybe in today's taserific society they figure showing the result of such an act will discourage fans from trying it.

I wonder what the people who already think the season is over, somehow, even though it's mid-May for christ's sake, think about this game. Do they think, Yup, lost again, we stink? Or, Wow, we can come back from anything, this is a good sign? Or, what?

You know how you feel about Drew? That's how I feel about Papelbon. Good luck getting Mariano Money in free agency there, won't be coming from the Sox.

Bring on the Bard as Closer Era.
Oh, and Slappy's dong was crushed. Saw it all the way on ESPN.
I just would have liked for them to show it, that's all. I mean we saw it land for a half-second and then never again.

Pap is like one of the best relievers in the league and Bard's still unproven. We don't wanna just switch the proven with the unproven, that would be dangerous.
Bard couldn't do any worse than that pathetic performance; he's the only guy I trust at all in this pen right now.

Paps is gonna be gone after 2011 anyway, since he thinks he's gonna break the record for closer money, and the Sox wisely don't pay up for that role. Might as well get something of value back for him now...although tonight didn't help us with that at all.
You can trust Wake too. That was his chance for a W, it's a shame.....
I'm working on the assumption that Wake is going back into the rotation to replace Dice.

Good thing the Celtics look like they're going to be playing for another month...that'll tide me over until my Summer of Diaper Changes begins.
The ball that hit McDonald's glove and he didn't catch - ruled a double. That's horseshit. He hotdogged it with an unnecessary jump and it was a fuckin error.

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