Sunday, May 02, 2010

April: Garbage Out. May: Garbage In.

I was "away" this weekend and missed Saturday and Sunday's games, aside from a few updates on Saturday. And all I can say about that is, Woohoo! Didn't look fun.

Since 1988, when I was in eighth grade, you know how many times the Red Sox have been under .500 on May 2nd? Once. Well, twice, now.

We're so used to these awesome Aprils (along with Yankee-fan* cries of an eventual "choke"). It will be interesting to see how we do coming out of a shitty start.

*fans of a team that has won fewer World Series in the last nine years than the second-class, choking Boston Red Sox, and who are still in denial about it

I suspect the only thing interesting about it will be seeing what Theo will be able to get for our veterans at the trade deadline. I guess the last time the Sox were sellers in July/August was '97. That worked out pretty well...Slocumb for Lowe/Tek, Stanley for Armas. Maybe we can move Tek for something this time to complete the circle.
From a couple of blogs I've scanned, the talent is there, but the team just isn't jelling this season. So, maybe it just isn't their year. So maybe they don't get to thump on Pin-Stripers in the post-season this time around. It's not like this hasn't happened before. No need to overhaul the franchise. If all you do is throw money at the problem you BECOME the New York Yankees -- and no one wants THAT.
With starting pitching like we have, we can't be sellers at the deadline. We'll get on proverbial track.
I'll grant that aside from Dice's mid-game meltdown Saturday, the starting pitching is starting to come around and remains the strength of this team. But the bullpen sucks, the offense is so-so, and the defense has been a disappointment. I don't see any way to adequately fix those things in time to allow the Sox to compete with two teams in their own division that look like they're going to approach, if not exceed, 100 wins.

Hey, it's not the worst thing in the world. I threw out those deals in '97 for a reason: they gave the Sox three of the key pieces for the '03/'04 run. When you consider that the Pedroia/Youks/Lester/Beckett/Bard/Ellsbury core will be around for a while, and that one or more of Kalish/Kelly/Iglesias/Anderson (and hopefully Westmoreland) will be joining them in a couple years, a couple of smart trades this year could be the final piece to getting back on top.

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