Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alex Gonazlez Woulda Had It (As Would Alex GonZalez)

I really wanted to see that no-hitter. So many great plays on line drives and than a bloop effs it up with two outs in the eighth. But Dice still throws a one-hitter over eight. No "bad" inning, so I guess his secret worked, whatever it was.

Random stuff and eff-ups by Fox:

Pedroia hit a ball to left that looked like a possible dong. With the ball in flight, Fox switches to the down-the-line angle cam, and we see the ball hit the wall to the left of the line, foul ball. The mid-flight switch threw me off, and I would have liked to see a replay...but Fox was too busy showing us what TV shows and movies were Dustin's favorites.

At one point they missed a pitch--because they were showing Papi, the man least likely to steal, on first base.

Then the Back-Biter's son said something about a special message Millar had from the which point we see a completely irrelevant stat about the Mets-Yankees series. I didn't follow that at all.

Remember when Papi was clearly safe on a sac fly, yet everyone somehow thought he was out? Well when they appealed to third, they did it wrong. You're supposed to step off the rubber and then throw. The pitcher came to the stretch position, and then did a pick-off throw to third, which was unoccupied. Whether that's a balk or not (the rules say you can't do it unless you're "making a play"--does the appeal count as "a play"?), it still seems like it's not even an appeal, it's just the pitcher doing the next play, a pickoff throw to third. Maybe that's why that third base coach just stood there instead of making a safe call. Or maybe Fox just missed it. Your thoughts on this are welcome.

Some Phillies fans brought up Boston teams in different sports on signs. That has nothing to do with the Red Sox, geniuses. I hate that crap. I know several Sox fans who think of the Phillies as their NL team. And I'm not a fan of any other Boston teams. I just don't know why people have to be stupid about that stuff. Besides, a Philly fan bringing up hockey and football? That's comical. Especially when they have a baseball team that just won a World Series they could be hyping up instead of bringing up other sports. But those guys proved to be not only fools but racists. Later they had another sign for Dice that said "Run! It's Godzilla!" There can't be any hatred between the Phillies and Red Sox since we don't even play in the same league and hardly ever play each other. This paragraph's getting long, uh, winded, so the point is, good job by all the good Phillies fans--those racists don't represent you.

In the Twins game, Denard Span hit a fly ball and immediately put his arm up as to say he'd just won the game with a walk-off dong. The ball didn't reach the warning track. Doesn't Span remind you of Billy Mitchell. Except not white or with a mullet?

There's a NAPA commercial which Den Drinkwater seems to secretly be in. It's a scene where a girl asks a guy where he got the parts for his car. And there's Drinky the Kid aka Springer aka Redford, just standin' there. Looks like him, anyway. Weird that he's incognito.

You may want to check the spelling in that title, Jere...

I'm not bothered about Dice-K losing the no-no. He came up huge in an enemy bandbox and that's what REALLY counts.
oh it was killer close!

Thanks for the heads-up on the spelling. I had "A-Gon" but it looked weird: "A-Gon Woulda...." Like, not even English. So I added the lex and the alez instead of zalez....
My buddy & I were the ones holding up the signs. How is that racist, you nitwit? Maybe you could say so if we were holding up one that said "RUN! IT'S GODZIRRAH!", or maybe "RICE-K", or maybe even one that goes straight for the jugular like "PANFACE". Sox fans who saw the signs and were sitting by us all shared a laugh about it and the race card was never pulled. Oh yeah, if you check the tape of the game, we were the guys FOX had on camera bowing to the Dice-Man as a show of respect after the no-no got broken up...but I guess that's racist too, not just people having fun at the ballpark? Shutup Stupid.
Glad you left those other signs at home.

Anyway, some football team in Foxboro cheating has nothing to do with a Red Sox-Phillies game.
I love how you think "you're Asian, so you must eat rice" is racist, but you think "you're Asian, so Godzilla must be chasing after you" is not racist.

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