Saturday, May 29, 2010


Got home at 10:00, and didn't even get to see the end of the game So it makes sense it was 1-0. We did hear the top of the ninth in the car, though. (Hey, since Castig became the "main" guy, hasn't he always announced the ninth? Tonight it was O'Brien. When I was little, I think Coleman got 1-4, then Castig did 5-7, and Coleman did 8-9. And lately it's been Castig, then partner, then back to Castig, through the ninth. Being able to see the games on TV these days, I don't hear a lot of radio action--does anyone know the current situation? I feel like Joe deserves to start and end the game, barring extra innings.)

Nice job by HH outdueling Grieieieiieieiieieieienke.

So weird to see Millar in a suit and tie.

There had never been two perfect games in the same season. In 2010, we've seen two this month! Halladay with the EP tonight.

And somebody finally got seriously injured in a game-winning celebration. Hasn't John Quinn been warning of this for decades? Kendry Morales fractures his leg as he landed on home plate. I'd give you a link to the article but the url is screwed up, and even after I changed it myself to find the right page, the video on there is totally effed up. So, find it on TV or something....

Now, maybe someone will listen to me, Jere. You can see the ugly video here:

Can you imagine if this happened to say, Dustin Pedroia or Kevin Youkilis? Yikes...
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