Friday, April 16, 2010


Looks like rain for much of this Devil Rays series. You know how the Red Sox always put out a press releases saying basically, "We know you're hoping to read that the game's rained out, so you won't have to venture out and sit through lengthy delays and come home with pneumonia, but even though it's raining, get your ass here, because as always, we're planning to start the game on time, even if it seems obvious there's no way that will happen"? And then they tell you how "Meteorologix," which I always picture as a bunch of weather-people who live at Fenway, chained to the floor, is calling for precipitation likely in the area? Well this year, it says the super duper Red Sox-only weather service is "Telvent DTN." I guess this Devlin-McGregor has taken over the much cooler named Meteorologix. I bring this up because I have Asperger's. Without the clumsiness and lack of emotion, of course.


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