Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Weaver Actually Saw Him Splat"

Torii Hunter fails again, unable to catch suicidal man in NYC.

Shit like that pisses me the fuck off, imagine going into work, thinking about your asshole boss, not looking forward to your day, and then some dude jumps to his death and kills you in the process.

I am usually sympathetic to this sort of stuff, but I'm sorry, the fact that he could have harmed/killed someone that didn't want to be harmed/killed then that shit bugs the fuck out me.

Kill yourself the old skool way, just put a gun to your mouth and end it all. Why take someone else with you?

I know mental issues cause people to behave irrational, but if a family member (or a friend) were walking below him and then he landed on them, fuck, I'd be pissed at that selfish prick.
Almost happened to me last year...with highway boy
Yeah that's not cool. Who is highway boy? Is that an old post? Post the link and I'll read, I don't remember reading.
Crazy guy jumped off overpass near me a few hrs before I went to work . Posted bout it at time.

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