Friday, April 09, 2010

We Lose, Are Sad

Everybody hates the games where you know the whole time you should be winning by a lot more then you are, you leave the door open, and the other team slides in at the end and you lose. I thought if we hung on tonight we could set some kind of tone for '10 by not letting those games slip away. But no. We lose in bottom 8 after having led the whole time.


A lot of weird stuff at the plate. The bunt where the guy was out of the box (supposedly), the strike out where the ball hit the dude, and the Papi ejection. Whenever a home plate ump makes the swing call on something so borderline instead of going to the other ump, it looks fishy. And now that Joe West has come right out and admitted he has an agenda against certain teams, we can never trust those asses again. I've been saying it for years, get robots. Every call can be determined by a camera--we didn't have replay in 1868, that's why we got dicks to make calls based on their opinions. Time to just erase them...from existence!

The game started with a ceremony for last year's Cy Young winner. If it were Boston, the media would tell us that Fenway never used to have such spectacles, and that it's become a circus, and they're stealing your money, and they don't do anything without thinking of how to make a dime off of it, and there's pulling old players out of the woodwork to somehow steal your money, and you stupid fans will fall for anything, etc., etc.

Great job getting that ball in on the play at the plate. I thought they had no chance.

Wake=awesome. Other starters, learn to go seven like that.

Jacoby: Pop-ups to shallow left are yours, guy, I hope you're not gonna let the shortstop call you off if there's a guy on third.

If a ball is about to hit the Jordan's ball-sign at Fenway, and a fan jumps up and catches it, is my couch free? Also note in that commercial how they surgically moved the yellow line to the left, in their erasing of another ad.

We were walked thrice in an inning, and didn't score. Which had something to do with Drew attempting to steal as if it were some kind of practice game. He did hit a two-run dong though.

Victor's throws sometimes don't go anywhere near where they're supposed to.

I wouldn't pay for the new MLB At Bat thing, but I guess I get it as part of my RSN membership. I used to to follow the Devs' slaughter of Javy and the Yanks, and it's pretty cool once you stop being overwhelmed. However, the score is shown on top TV-style, with one team name on the left and one on the right, with their scores. So the Yanks were on the road, and the top said Yankees 2 Rays 0. The Rays took the lead, and suddenly the team names were switched! Rays 3 Yankees 2. So it's not the classic "road then home" set-up, it's done by who's winning! What is that? I understand that the one thing you can always use to see who follows sports and who doesn't is hearing someone say the score. If you ask, What's the score of the Red Sox game, and they say, 5-8, they don't follow sports. However, when the score is written out during a game, the teams should have their spots that don't change. Road on top, or at left. So at a glance you always know who's road and who's home. Can you imagine if on the Green Monster, they swapped the team names on the scoreboard, always keeping the winning team on top? Terrible. And in At Bat, you're not seeing the field, so if you flip a game on, you don't know who's at home by looking at the giant score at the top. (And I know there's the bottom linescore and a little boxscore which show road team on top, but still, the top one should be right and consistent with the others.)


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