Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Ar D Bryant Park Films Looking?

The wait is killing me. I've been dying to know what the Bryant Park summer movies will be in '10. They say they'll announce the lineup in late April. Which is now. I did see a news article that mentioned that the first film (June 21st) will be Goldfinger. I hope it's not a summer-long Bond theme because even though I'm an American male on the top floor of the 18-35 D-graphic, I'm not into Bond films. That same article said early May will be the unveiling of the sked, though. And it told me something else--that the movies they show are all at least 30 years old. I did notice what I thought was a "30th anniversary" theme in the past, but I guess the reason they showed those movies was because they had just reached the cut-off point. So maybe this year's grand finale will be from 1980 (my favorite year since around 1992). The ones that come to mind are Raging Bull and Caddyshack. But now I'll take a look at the list....Googling.....okay, we've got Apocalypse Now, that would be nuts. Oh, Being There, that's another one by that Harold & Maude dude (that's the one I went to last summer), and I like it just as much as H&M. Alien came out in '80, but in another surprise move, I've never seen it. Oh yeah, Airplane!! That would be cool. Coal Miner's Daughter, I could see them showing that. Superman II, that could be good, maybe not for the finale, though.... The Shining! Oh my lawd! If they show The Shining, I will camp out the night before in anticipation. Oh please Bryant Park, show The Shining....

So we'll see what happens. I like to go once a year still, even though it requires a day off from work and a 3-hour trip now. Oh, and imagine all those titles in italics. I'm not gonna go back and do them all...

Ghostbusters in 2014!

(Sox at Jays, Lester v. Cecil B. DeCooper DeViller, seven, oh seven.)


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