Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tonight's BS

Went to the game with Kim tonight. Got there in time for first pitch, just went to our bleacher seats, so I don't have a lot of pics, but I will post some tomorrow. Turned onto Huntington and the car in literally the first spot was about to leave, so I jumped in there. It was 6:07, and the meter went till 6:00. So after two 2010 Fenway games, my parking fees total $0.00! It was a 70-degree day, but definitely chilly in the bleachers at night. There were more Yankee fans tonight--fortunately the ones right around us weren't the horrible kind. Tried the veggie burger for the first time. $6.50 for that thing. Like all veggie burgers/dogs, Fenway's are okay, you just need to load 'em up with condiments and they're fine.

The E by Scutaro followed by the bases loaded walk effing killed me. I don't like giving the Yankees games. We should be 2-0 and they should be alone in last.

Only a few hours after I mentioned here that Pete Abe treats Red Sox fans like imbeciles, he writes this: "Have patience with Jacoby Ellsbury. He can't learn to be a good leadoff hitter unless he's hitting leadoff." Well, thanks. I'd already burned all my Ellsbury memorabilia and written a petition to trade him because I was disappointed in his 2010 performance through ONE GAME, but thanks to your fine advice, I'll be patient and maybe give him another at bat or two.... Abe also referred to Nomar and Pedro as being on the "Red Sox Redemption Tour." We always loved these guys. What redemption? I'm getting very, very close to my all-out Boston media boycott. It's so bad that even TC, on EEI, said that maybe the Red Sox needed to play the Yanks to start the season to "get people interested in the Red Sox again." Yeah those 500 consecutive sellouts haven't shown me much... it's as if anyone who enters a Boston sports radio station or starts writing for a Boston paper loses their mind.

On the radio on the way home, some dude said that Jeter was hitting leadoff "as usual." From 2006-2008, you know how many games Jeter batted leadoff? Nine. Just sayin'. So "usual" = "a quarter of the time over the last four years."

But none of this is as bad as the Yankee fans behind me on Sunday and tonight. Sunday, the guy looked around and said, "I'm surprised there isn't more advertising here." Then tonight's guy said to his buddy that Nick Swisher "seems like a really serious guy." I guess this diehard Yankee fan just happened to miss 2009.

And hey, can I get a link to the standings on If you see a direct link, let me know. In the past you had a link, and they were shown right there on the front page--at the least the AL East was. Now you have to click "Scoreboard" and click the standings link over there.

Okay, obviously I'm pissed about a lot of things right now. Lackey needs to shut 'em down and shut 'em up tomorrow!

Ortiz needs to hit. Seriously. That's going to be a problem.
Wish I was cheering at Fenway instead of at a televisino screen!
The guy's played two games.

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