Thursday, April 22, 2010


The bad news: we lose. The opposite kind of news: The 2-14 Orioles are coming to town. Pretty good job by HH tonight, but no runs = no win.

NESN Camera Antix of the Night: Okay, 'member that play when Clay threw the ball down the right field line? That guy was headed for second, while Pedroia and Drew tracking down the errant throw. Everybody and their florist are sitting there wondering, Will the dude try for third? We're waiting and watching. Waiting. Watching. Finally, the ball is retrieved, and we see a throw going toward third. So you would think, with all this time, NESN would have a shot of third base ready to cut to. Nope. Close-up of runner, and suddenly Don's voice becomes excited, and we can tell the throw has gotten away, and there will be a play at third. But we never even see where the ball went until the replay. From an angle that showed the entire throw to third as it bounces away, and then stays on the area of the base to show the runner arriving there. They couldn't have cut to THAT camera while the play was going on? And that wraps up the NESN Camera Antix-tix-tix of the Night-ight-ight. Brought to you by....nobody. (You'll notice none of these TV stations screw up when it's time to slap a sponsor's logo on something!)


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