Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sox In Extras (Updating) (Not Any More Cuz We Won, Sizzlechest!)

10:59: Youk wins it with a Wall Ball!!!!!

10:57: 3-0 count to Youk!

10:54: Drew up... fly out to CF, and Marco tags and gets to second! Barely. Two outs, single wins it. Dustin facing Dustin. And they're walking him.

10:50: Scu and Dru coming up...Come on Marco, hit the foul Polo....the payoff pitch...base hit! Sweeeet...

10:46: No baserunners for us since the 6th! And Hermes gets engraved, one out.

10:43: Oka gets the 1st 2. Elvis complains about a near-perfect called third strike. Young out. We go bottom of the Dozenth.

10:34: DMC hit it--to second for a 4-3. We go to the 12th.

10:32: Zek strikes out after having 2-0 count. Here comes our man!

10:29: Tek down, Exec up.

10:27: NESN's messed up this year with the local ads. They used to match your region. But this year we're getting all kinds of ads made for Maine and stuff. Okay, Tek's up.

10:25: 1-2-3 for Pap, bottom 11 coming. We should go ahead and end it here.

10:17: Youk can't catch up to the 102-MPH heater. 2 out, Lowell up. Out. We go to 11.

10:15: Pedroia hits a dong-looking ball to center, but caught shy of the track, one away in the 10th.

10:13: "He has adventures. And I have mine," says some dumb commercial. I think they left a "his" out...

10:12: And Pap quickly gets the third out. We go bottom 10, 7-up.

10:10: Pap gives up hit to ass head Hamilton. Vlad with a tailor-made DP though! By the way, "Darnell Lol's" is wordplay. Coles, ya know?
Between day games and being at games, this was only the second weeknight Red Sox game I've seen on TV in 2010. Not including Fridays.

Hockey on NESN. Hope you found NESN Plus.

Drew hit the cheapest grand dong you can get, but it was key, and hopefully it gives him inspiration to not crap the bedder's box.

Darnell Lol's again, with an outfield assist and a wicked line shot four-baser to See Eff.

What's up with all our "aces" doing so horrible? 7 runs given up by Beckett, and Lackey shat last time, too. I think our entire unit will cohesify come May, and we'll be back up toward the top instead of the bottom.

I'm typing this in the bottom of the ninth, tied at 7. One out. Scutaro up....ooh almost hit in head, maybe he's thinkin' revenge...nope, called strike 3. Now it's Drew...come on, just double off the Monster and Dustin will bingle you home... 3-1, hitter's count....but Drew pops out. I'll go ahead and post this now and update in the 10th. See you back up top. The sentence below, I typed earlier as the "ending."

And if you missed it....


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