Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Good to see Lackey pitch like that. Ruined by: Bard, Drew, Victor on that one play. Bard throws an 0-2* change over the plate. Drew does a slight lolligag before throwing way up the line. And Victor still could have gotten that ball and made the tag.

Still, we had a chance to win it. I love it when you're in that position where if you win, it's a walk-off. But we didn't win. We already knew 1,000-er-maleoffspring could pull a fastball way out of the park. And he did it again. Those balls are going really far for Baby Grand--is Mickey Rivers supplying him with bats or what?

Should be 2-1 minimum. Instead, I'm pissed. Another off day, then it's at KC for 3--first day game of 2010 on Sunday.

*I think it was 0-2. Right? Somebody check, I'm gonna go do something else because I don't want to look at Yankee names anymore.

You're blaming Drew and Bard, and NOT Papelbon for that meatball to Granderson? Seriously?
Yep, it was 0-2, Jere.

I'm more pissed about the offense leaving runners everywhere early.

OK, off to KC...
well yeah TJ by Pap, we just shouldn't have been there. For enough reasons.
I watched the replay of Swisher's single again several times. Bard threw an offspeed pitch that was a little too high and not inside enough, but it wasn't half as bad as that batting practice down-the-pipe fastball that Papelbon grooved to Granderson. Drew was playing too deep, but he didn't lolligag, and he made a good enough throw. If blame needs to be doled out for this one, I go with:

1) The entire lineup for not doing anything with a journeyman mediocrity like Chan Ho Park
2) Papelbon
3)VMart for not coming up with Drew's throw
4) Cameron for not catching Dumbosada's double to the base of the Wall
5) Papi (yeah, I know he had a ribbie, but he also left 4 men on base)
I strongly agree with 3) & 4). If they don't happen, it doesn't matter about 1), 2) & 5).

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