Friday, April 23, 2010

Preview Of New Stuff. Maybe.

Interesting question from a season ticket holder survey I got from the Red Sox yesterday:

How would you rate your level of interest in the following programs? Please respond using a 1-5 scale, with 5 being "extremely interested" and 1 being "not at all interested."

Loaded tickets, where you can add cash value for the purchase of concessions and merchandise to tickets for a specific game

Stored value cards, which would act as a pre-paid gift card that you could add value to throughout the season

Red Sox rewards/loyalty program, which would provide discounts and special offers based on frequency of ticket, merchandise, and concession purchases

Digital or electronic ticketing, which would replace paper and would be easily transferred via the internet (email) or mobile devices (cell phones, PDA’s, iPhones)

I was "extremely interested" in #3! (I got the survey because of my 10-game plan. Sometimes I get treated like a "season ticket holder," but not always. Example: I don't get those 10 games at the STH discount price. But I brought that up in this survey! I also told them about my Monster Movies idea--to show movies on the Green Monster and let us sit in the outfield on summer weekend nights when the team's away. Who's with me??)

I'm not sure I understand the loaded ticket. Are they just trying to get me to not carry cash to a game? I'd rather have cash than a ticket with $50 on it, I think. I like the idea of the rewards program though, especially if any rewards are cool and easily attainable. Spend $100, get enough points for a game used ball.
The loaded might be okay if you could use the leftover points/dollars later.

All I know is I should get more stuff for buying more tix! Game-used is preferred:)
Oh, and I love the Monter Movies idea. That would be great!

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