Friday, April 23, 2010

O's Baseball

Oh my lawd, LUGO coming up, 2 outs in the ninth, O's down 1, first and second. And he does what I thought he'd do! Something anti-good for him! A strikeout, and we win. Key play by Bill Hall in the 9th playing the carom perfectly and throwing out the guy I wish was wearing JD Drew's uniform.

Gotta beat the 2-14 teams, and we did. Those poor O's are gonna give you a lot of games, you just gotta take 'em, say a little prayer over their grave, and hope they show up when they play the Yanks.

Oh and I've begun my official boycott of the Boston sports media. I'm feeling liberated already. This is just a rough draft of the boycott, but if it lasts, it'll count as the real deal.

Former Red Sox manager Kevin Kennedy a superhero?

Looks like we won one the yankee way:)

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