Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Runny...

We heard yesterday that the Red Sox' 6th one-run win in a row made it their longest such stretch since 1943. I started going back further to find a longer streak. There were a few fives, a 7-of-8, and a 9-of-11, but I didn't come across another one-run win streak of at least 6 games until I got back to 1922. From July 2 to July 21, 1922, the Red Sox played 19 games, winning 8 of them. All 8 were by one run. The team finished 1922 33 games out of first. The 2010 team is two one-run wins away from matching the '22 squad. It's currently 0-0....

Side note: streaks like this don't tell you much. It's not like winning six games in a row, each by a run. The way I see it, as soon as you lose a game, your streak that involves "winning" is over. It's kind of like when everyone used to brag about the Yanks' "World Series win streak." They won four in a row to finish the '96 WS, then swept in '98 and '99. But people conveniently left out the fact that they weren't even IN the World Series in '97! That's when the streak ends. Technically, the way these streaks are worded, they're legitimate, but the more space in between instances of the thing your accomplishing, the weaker the meaning becomes. If I find a foot-long Sasquatch turd in the woods, then find thousands of dog turds over the next fifty years, and then find another foot-long Sasquatch turd, I'm not gonna go bragging about how I found two "consecutive" Sasquatch turds of at least one foot in length. Am I?


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