Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mo' Lester

Fine job by El Cid tonight. Double-digit Ks. 2-0 win. So the one-run win thing ends. I did end up going back all the way to the beginning--1901--and 1922 was the longest one-run win "streak" at 8. So ours that just ended ties 1943 for second place.

11-11 now. Alone in third. Next step, the World Series. I mean, second. You know how many teams in the AL are more than one game ahead of us? Three. So...we're movin' on up. If the starting pitching stays the way it's been the last two nights (neither of those by Lackey or Beckett), any other problems or fake media problems aren't gonna look so bad.

In the first inning, I thought, Who is this person in the gorilla mask with the long hair in the second row? Finally, I realized their head was just down--okay, it's just a regular girl with long hair. Then NESN cuts to a shot of those "umps-in-the-stands," and notes that they're by first base, because the home plate seats are taken. Cut to...a shot of the gorilla's Geddy Lee! Don points him out, and Remy asks, "who is Geddy Lee?" Oy. Oh and if you're not familiar with those stands umps, here's the vid I shot of them last year at Fenway. See it again for the first time.


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