Monday, April 26, 2010

Missing Piece

A while ago somebody called FAN and asked Francesa if he'd seen the way MLBN does their highlights. Apparently they just let the announcer's call play. The guy said it was all refreshing and shit. Neither Francesa nor I had seen this, and we both thought it seemed pretty cool. I still haven't witnessed this, but...NESN is doing it this way: TC sends us to the highlights of the game, and we see them, in order, with the original announcer's call of each. What's wrong with this picture? No set-up. We need to know the situation, you can't just show a series of highlights. It's not a montage, it's supposed to be a summary. And you're leaving out a vitla part of it. Hey, wanna see my vacation pictures? Here they are, bye! But did you get in this elephant's moouuuuthhhh?? Come baaaack....

Now I will grant you that as a lifelong baseball fan, I can quickly look at the score box on the screen in each highlight and pretty much figure out what's going on. But they should not be relying on us to do this. And it's such a lazy way to do it, too. I bet TC, despite having less work, is secretly thinking, These highlights must be set up! I'm sittin' right here!

It's like they finally had a good idea but overthought it, leaving us with crap. If anyone has seen how they do it on MLBN, let me know if it's like this or what....

Also, the opening of the NESN pre-game show starts with a close-up of Beckett's crooked sleeve sox!


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