Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meter Pays Off, Ticket To Sox Victory

Or something. The bases were loaded in the eighth, and the Red Sox held a slim 3-2 lead, when Jeremy Her"meter" came up and....

(pretend you're watching a key three-run half-dong)

And we held on for the 6-3 afternoon win. Lackey's ERA is below 1.50 after 2 games.

Yanks lost today. We're 4-4, they're 5-3.

why do you gloss over the rays? I think they are legitimate competition for both the sox and yanks.
1980, 1985, 1993, 1999...doesn't matter the year, my concerns are rooting for the Red Sox, and rooting against the Yankees. That ain't gonna change. If there's a race between the Red Sox and some other team come September, of course I'll be rooting against that team. Or if it's between the Yanks and somebody else, I'll be rooting for somebody else. But life is Red Sox vs. Yankees, not some random team.

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