Monday, April 12, 2010

Limestone Road Loss

Pretty chimpy game, but we did get to see a new stadium. First of all, how come NESN opted to show that shot of a baseball resting on the bench so many times? All that time could have been spent showing the new ballpark. And most people didn't get home until mid-game, so if there was extensive coverage at the beginning, we all missed it. (But I'm guessin' it was just more of that ball.)

I loved how right field had the city behind it, so close. And how they made the stands slope down for a better view. The limestone was different, kinda, I guess, but no need to have a giant wall running parallel to the foul pole right next to it!

Camera angles were way too high. I could not enjoy the game. Not only was the CF cam as high as the blimp, but the one behind the plate was, too. So I could never get a read on any pitched, batted, or thrown ball.

And I didn't see too much more of the park, so that concludes my observations. Oh, but that ball they had sitting on the bench--beautiful!

Remember that play when Lester chickened out on reaching out for the grounder up the middle (I guess it was scarier than a harmless buck grazing in the wilderness), and then it hit the bag? Remy said Once it hit the bag, there was no chance. Yet the way I saw it, Scutaro was waiting for that bounce, actually got it, was right there for the bare-hand and throw, but just couldn't grab it. But the ball hitting the bag was the only way that play gets made. Of it doesn't hit, he has to make the play, transfer, then throw across the body, but he probably would have just eaten it in that case anyway.

I love it. Orsillo tells us how since May 30th of last year, Papi is tied for the most home runs in the league. Then right away, Papi swings and misses on a 3-1 pitch, and Don says, "in the past, that's a pitch he doesn't miss." He just tells us that in the most recent past, no one has more dongs than a guy, than acts like he currently can't get the job done. It's almost like the media are all brainwashing each other at this point. Like some big Turkish Brain Bath.

So we lose the first ever game at Box Store Field. I wish we could have had some more firsts! They got first dong and first fun. Scutaro got first hit, but also was the first to get caught stealing. I heard this was the first time we opened a visitor's park since the original Toilet in '23. And we're now 0-5 all-time in such sitches. I think that's what they said. Feel free to 2x check that.

Off-day Tues, day games Wed and Thurbers.

What team comes next in this series: A's, A's, Indians, Indians, Yankees, Yankees, Tigers.... (clue: it's not Tigers)

I can never help but feel that on stadium opening days, it is better that the home team win, even if I'm rooting for the non-home team. Just for the historical record, you always remember what happened on the opening day of a new ballpark, and I'd pity the fans there of having to see a loss etched on their April 12th plaque or whatever. But I wonder about whether the players ever think like this? Maybe there is some psychological aspect of deference that subtly makes you try less hard or something. At the very least I imagine it probably takes the sting out of losing.
Yeah I'm happy for any die-hard Twins fans out there. If a win on the first game at the new place is important to them.
A's, A's, Indians, Indians, Yankees, Yankees, Tigers...Rays.

AL teams that lost the World Series?
Hey you nailed it! Nice job.

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