Monday, April 05, 2010

Last Night's Game

I will have much more to say about the experience at the ballpark last night, along with pics/vids, but here are my thoughts on just the game itself:

1: It seemed key at the time to get the Yanks 1-2-3 in the first. I knew Jeter was going after that first pitch--he did and we got him out.

2: The dongs. Wow, first AB for 1,000erson and he hits it over the bullpen. Let's just hope he thinks he can always try to pull the ball against Becket and ends up with a lot of groundouts. Posada's pole dong seemed like a pretty hard-hit ball. Other than the two HRs, Becket wasn't horrible, but didn't have his best stuff obviously.

3. Good job by the new faces! Beltre, Cameron, Scutaro, Schoeneweis. And underrated is how Victor saw 30 pitches in his 5 ABs. I love seeing the "#P" in the boxscore.

4. I hate the whole "winning relievers/losing relievers" thing, meaning how you've got guys you put in when you have a lead, and guys you put in when you're trailing. It makes me feel like your team is giving up on any game they're losing after five innings. But I'm wondering: we brought in RamRam when trailing. Then we tied it. Now we want to hold the other team to where they are. So if we've established RamRam as a "losing reliever," why does he stay in? I think Okie was coming in to face the 3rd batter anyway, but I was calling for him to start the inning. And Ram-squared gives up a walk and a double to those two guys, and both score! I guess if all your relievers were awesome, you wouldn't have to ever worry, so I guess this is just the way teams have to do it.

5. My one-game take on Girardi 2010: The guy was under so much pressure to win it all, he played every game of 2009 like it was do-or-die. In 2010: "ehhh, let's just go with Chan-Ho Park here... Joba? Ehhhh, so what, I'll wait till we're losing to bring him in, I got my championship..." Granted, I don't believe Joba has proven anything yet, but he's their big bridge to Mo--last year Girardi would have had him in to start the 7th (provided he didn't have Hughes out there, like this year).

6. Seriously, when I saw Chan-Ho Park, that's when I knew we were gonna come back and win. And we did.

7. I looove seeing Swisher out in the outfield. That play was right in front of us, and you could see that ball was gonna go right by him, and it was a guaranteed triple.

8. From my angle, I thought Pedroia's dong was either a foul ball or a pop-up. Then it reappeared from behind the roof and fell in over the wall.

9. You could see how fast Cameron is on his routine grounder to A-Rod. He was only out by a step.

10. A-Rod grounded out, and after running through first base, he did his classic "show pony," feet kicking up as he ran slowly in a huge arc back toward the dugout, going way out into the outfield and almost in effect "rounding the bases." I was about to say "the guy's doing a fucking victory lap for grounding out," when the Yankee fan behind me beat me to it!

6. Seriously, when I saw Chan-Ho Park, that's when I knew we were gonna come back and win.

Me too. When he was still in the pen, I posted:

10:45 PM
chan ho park up for the mfy.
that is good since we need runs
I think my comment to my friend when he came in was, "He was their best off-season signing..... for us!"

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