Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Royal. Have You Heard Of Me?

Sox win 8-6, now 1-1 in serieseses. Win those and we're gold.

After that miscommunication between Ellsbury and Scutaro the other night, I said Jacoby should be taking charge on those plays, especially if there's a guy on third, since he's coming in on the ball. Call for it, and be loud. Well, today there was a guy on third. And on another pop-up to that spot, they screwed it up again. Bill Hall looks like the culprit, but I fear Jacoby just wasn't yelling loud enough. Then in the ninth, he ends up having a horrible collision with The Excutive.* Hopefully he's back soon--with a megaphone.

Three day games this week, Mon-Wed-Thurs, as we open up the new place in the Mini Apple.

*At JoS, I referred to Beltre as Beltless Trenchcoat, and Laura noted the BT was called The Executive, and a nickname was born. Who knows if they'll use it over there, but I know I'll be using it here! And if he produces, like he did today, he'll be....

Making up personal nicknames for players is wicked fun. After seeing it on some blog that probably no longer exists in 2005, I always referred to Mike Timlin as "The Iron Eagle." You have to admit, it fits him perfectly. Shortly thereafter, I got a car and was looking for a nickname for that and realized Iron Eagle made a pretty good CAR nickname too. Thus I named the car after the nickname that only I was using for Mike Timlin. And when either of them did something awesome like pull through a snow drift or strike out the side I'd make one of those screechy eagle noises.
That's awesome. It's like the Embree/Captain Cheese nickname.

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