Sunday, April 04, 2010

The History Of This Blog In A Really Big Nutshell

2003: The world is still shocked to see something like video playing over their dial-ups, and carrying a thousand songs requires a van. Also, a million Arron Boone dolls get a million knitting needles through the chest. A 28-year old Jere is frustrated beyond belief with not only what happened on the field, but with the ongoing struggles of a Red Sox fan in Fairfield County, CT, the only place in New England without NESN. He travels to Fenway and beyond and sees his team more in person than on TV. The plan is to make a documentary, or something...(the first scene meant to show our hero in a "Cowboy Up!" shirt with the snow falling behind on January 1st, 2004, which, like every other, was certain to be "the year"). But then..."you should start a blog"..."what's a blog?"...and here we are.

Of course, back then blogs were a free way for real people to talk to everybody. Now I have to compete with paid reporters who are given space by their company and have a built-in audience before they even start. But that's another rant for another day.

So my first season blogging was the second-best year ever. That's because in 2005, I moved from to CT to NYC just in time for the "reign." Fun stuff. In 2007, I moved to Somerville, Mass., and changed the "IN" to "FROM" in my blog title. By then this place had become a lot more multi-media-ish. In '08, my girlfriend and I bought a house in Providence, where I am now. I go to a lot of Red Sox games, take pics and stuff, and do a lot of other nerdy baseball stuff that hopefully you'll enjoy. As always, stay tuned. Thanks.

Despite that every year you'll hear that the rivalry (along with rock 'n' roll and Saturday Night Live) is "dead," there's nothing like being at a Red Sox-Yanks game. I'm ready. Off to Fenway for the first game of 2010....


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