Saturday, April 10, 2010

Five Dong Night

Beckett almost killed, but goes right on pitching! Eck talking about that graze was priceless. Varitek is slugging 2.000 after a double dong day. Youk, Dustin, and the Hermes Engraver also went proverbially deep. Good job against Cy tonight.

Crooked Sox Alert: So remember how Beckett, Bay, and Hale had the left-leaning sleeve socks on the road uni? Well Beckett's the only one left, and his socks are still crooked. And I noticed that Pedroia's personal stitcher may have fallen for the opposite problems the others did. Instead of thinking the bottom of the left sock should be horizontal, knocking the socks of their axis counterclockwise, Dustin's person positioned the top of the right sock horizontal, moving them clockwise a few degrees. I think I need to be hired as assistant team historian/photographer/reporter who doesn't acknowledge people who say the offense "isn't good"/uniform QA guy. I'll do it all....for 35 grand a year plus health benefits.

I forgot, Hale's the bench coach now. SO he IS still around but I'll have to check his sleeve.

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