Tuesday, April 27, 2010

F Yes!

Another one-run win. Thank you Clay HH. Tonight looked, even for eter. optim.'s, like a possible throw-away game. No bullpen, in Toronto where we seem to have trouble, and Clay couldn't possibly keep outdoing all those aces we've got....but he did! Fine job. And when Beltre effed up that easy, easy play with no "the Fenway infield is bad" excuse, he kept his compozh, and got out of the eighth. And RamRam Meulens with a painless ninth! This win feels Xtra Awesome.

And we also owe it to this Gregg dude, who came in and walked in the winning run with the bases loaded. And then didn't know how many outs there were when he caught the liner to end that inning.

Our last six wins have been by one run.

Laugh-not-silently moment when that guy caught the bat in the ninth. He's obviously nine shits to the wind, and so the camera cuts away. But then they show a replay, and we see more of his blatant drunkenness, at which point Remy decides there's no hiding it and notes that the fan appears to be intoxicated. Which leads Don to say, "I thought it messed up his hat but that appears to be the way he's chosen to wear it."

$20 SRO and good side-by-sides for the Angels series next week.


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