Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Downeast-Game Update

A big furry moose plugging a car dealership. Megabucks. "Business route 4."

Do I fucking live in Maine? NESN thinks so! That moose--come on, guy, if you're gonna pretend to be a baseball player "sliding into savings" or whatever, you should really slide! What is this "lean back and stick one leg forward" crap? It's not like you're in your best pants, it's a moose costume. The fine folks at Maine Costume will understand if a moose suit comes back with a grass stain or two.

And what's with that Prime Auto guy? Is he a robot? He walks like Joe Torre. But with a big Talking Heads coat on. I had been hearing the ad in the background for a while, figuring it was local (to me) dealership, and never knew what town he was saying. It sounded like "Sucko." I was like, Saugus? Seacaucus? Garden State Brickface & Stucco? Turns out it's Saco, Maine.

Ooh, did you know Maine lottery agents made $16.5 million in commissions last year? I shouldn't.

The saddest thing of all, though, is that...Sofa's 'n' More in Rutland is closing it's doors forever! Yeah, we get a little Vermont action too.

Red Sox 1, Blue Jays 1. Top 7. Go us.

As far as I could tell, this isn't new. Back in ~2005 when I would be watching NESN up in New Hampshire, the most played ad was for Bristol Toyota in RI.
My experience has been, watching at my parents' in New Haven area, we'd see things like the classic "Lincoln-Mercury of Ray-nham" and Off Track Bedding and Rhode Island stuff as well as CT stuff, but it kinda made sense, like, "southern New England" was all grouped together. Then living in Somerville, we'd get mostly Mass stuff. Now it seems like it's just anything goes.

But yeah back in '05-'07 I could only get it on the computer so I didn't see all the ads. (But I do remember seeing some, and wondering how they determined which NE region's ads went to the Internet version. And before that I only saw NESN once a week at most when visiting my parents. So I don't really know the history of it but thanks for the heads-up!

(Attention skimmers who also don't follow this blog: any time I "wasn't watching Red Sox games" was only because I wasn't allowed since I was not in the "correct" territory at the time, which was most of my life.)
My parents, who live in Maine, are always complaining about the Connecticut ads during games, so I guess it all evens out.
Okay, so either the regions are mixed up, or everyone across the whole territory is getting all the same ads.

But we never get any CT ads here in RI. We get RI, ME, and ME/VT/NH tri-state region.

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