Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had tickets for tonight. But I've been sick this week and and I shouldn't have been sitting out in the rain from 5 to midnight. So I didn't go. Best decision of all time. Oh my lord it was like Cast Away. A shitty thing happens, and we end up working our way to the point of almost making it all better, but we "lost her all over again." Hopefully we know what we have to do now.

Juicy that 20-inning Mets game? And what was up with the Remy-Don suspended game talk? As soon as Gammons in the pre-game said Remy had a bunch of hits in a suspended game, we all looked up Remy's game logs (right?) and found that 6-for-10 20-inning game vs. Seattle. But then when Don brought up the three suspended games Remy played in, he only specified the length of one of them, saying it was "seventeen innings," implying it was the longest of the three. Hello? Seattle, 20 innings! Finally they did bring up the 6-hit performance, and this time they specifically said they didn't know how many innings that game was. Come on, booth research people. Or whoever.

Nice job by Fenway playing "Easy" when the game ended, technically on Sunday morning.

Have I mentioned how effin' pissed I am? Goddamn it.


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