Monday, April 26, 2010

Best Of 25

Over a stretch of seven half-innings during tonight's game in Canada, the Sox and Jays combined for 21 runs. That's an average of 3 per half-inning to you and me, kids. A run for every out from the top of the third through the top of the sixth.

And the Red Sox prevail in the crazy b-and-f battle, 13-12.

The Dome of the Sky was very blue tonight, with "bloggers I know" seemingly making up 5% of the crowd.

But we got a W that counts like any other in the stand'n's. We're a game away from third place, which is the first step back toward normalcy.

Two ghastly calls in the last two days, one for, one against. Yesterday, the Oriole who made a nice play fielding a grounder while on second base, and throwing to first for a DP. But the ump, looking right at it, says safe at second. You could have blurred your eyes on that one and made the right call based on body language. Tonight, Youk slides into home, his foot clearly crossing the plate before a tag, which was high on the leg anyway, giving the ump two reasons to call him safe. But Umpy, looking right at it again, decided to go the out route. Maybe he was "rooting for the play," which they do sometimes. These guys need to go. At the very least, any call that can be clearly corrected by a camera should be allowed to be.

Here's another one for you: Why does NESN think we must see every run cross the plate? If there's a play at another base, and Don has already told us the run is coming home, and the throw is going to that other base, show me the place where the action is! If you must, cut to shot of guy heading home, so we know he's scoring, then get right back to that other base. It's not like we're gonna wonder whether a man trotting toward home scored or not when we see the ball going to another base.

Anyone know what that logo on the field was in Toronto? Beyond the bases in foul territory. Could be a team logo or an "I Live For This"- or "Opening Day 2010"-type logo, but I'm really hoping it's not an ad.

Oh, and you like Richard Clarke right? Me too. But now, check out his hat!

And, lots o' whales!

Aren't you glad you can sleep tonight? That would have been a horrible loss.

I think the thing on the field is an ad for "Astroturf," no joke. The UniWatch guy ad something on it the first week of the season
oh sweet Andy Crist.

I finally burned out on UniWatch after a solid few years of checking it religiously so I missed this. I did hear Don/Rem talking about the new turf they have last night. (It doesn't seem any less shitty than any other fake turf. But it doesn't have that stuff fly up every time the ball hits it. I don't think.)

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