Wednesday, April 07, 2010

All I'll Say About The "Recent Unpleasantness"

If one man walked around on the streets saying the sky was falling, would the media feel the need to scream to the public that the sky is not falling? No--unless they wanted to perpetuate the myth because they are absolutely rooting for the sky to actually fall so they have something to write about....

The sane people don't need to hear that the sky is or might be falling. But to think that we need to be told that the sky isn't falling is even worse, because it insults our intelligence.

i think you and everyone else who takes issue with this may be over-estimating 'our' intelligence, or mistakingly thinking the majority of all fans agree with your POV and disagree with the media/them.

do you really think your level of intelligence is on par w/ the avg. person/fan?

-andy (wtby/sville)
ha, well, very kind, but for certain things like--"we fans" had a great time opening night as evidenced by all the loud cheering and whatnot. Yet ask any Boston media what they thought and it's as if the Red Sox took a giant shit on all of us.

So there's a disconnect.

But yes some fans are complete morons, but I feel like there are things any fan wouldn't even think of unless the media brings it up. For example, to judge any player on 2 of 162 games isn't something any fan would do--unless the media drills it into their heads, taking the 1%'s point of view and acting like it matters.
yeah but thats what im sayin...the average fan DOES..think we should fire the whole team after a loss and we are winnin the world series after a win. i dont think the media creates that stupidity....unfortunately.

they certainly feed into it/run with it. but i'd say that perspective is , if not he majority, at least close.

it'd really surprise me if the calm, cool, informed fan is in the majority.

i'm just glad we've got a few good blogs (and even a good pro writer or 2) that balance it out and give people like me something to follow.

but see sometimes i start to think what you're saying is true--and then Ryan M or somebody will remind me that the people we hear calling the radio aren't representative of the whole fan base. Nobody who's fine with the team is gonna call up and say, "Just letting you know I think everything's fine. Bye." It's all the complaining people, and the hosts LOVE that stuff, and even play that role themselves a lot of the time.

There are plenty of people that seem to only remember the most recent game they've seen. But I can't believe that's the average fan. Iiiii dunno...

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