Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Afternoon Baseball/Late Night TV

Lackey at 1 today.

Speaking of not that, when I left New York, for some reason, I stopped being a regular Colbert watcher. Maybe it was because I felt like it was a local show, and when I left, seeing it just wouldn't be the same. Or some crap like that. Who knows. The point is, I really should get back into it, and I've started by getting tickets to a taping, which I did a few times back in my NYC days. Getting the tickets took some time and effort--but I got the job done. If you're thinking of going and are having trouble getting tix, feel free to e-mail me for tricks and stuff. Like I've said before, unlike the network shows, a taping of Colbert is like a concert.

And speaking of talk show hosts and concerts, it's good to see Conan is "touring," and now has a gig on TBS starting in the fall. I wanted to see a live Conan concert but those were some expensive tix.


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