Friday, March 19, 2010


1. I'm doing better than Obama in the NYT NCAA pool.

2. I hate it when local companies make a product for their local team, but then make one for the rival team. Example: Those Red Sox wines. Remember how they came out and it was like, Oh, cool, local company makes unique Red Sox product. (Even though I don't drink alcohol, but, a good gift for my drinkin' Sox fan friends/girlfriend anyway.) They even signed their press release "Go Sox." Well the other day, Kim was in the wine store and told me she saw Jorge Posada wine. Oh begins, I thought, as I went to the web site and saw that sure enough, it was the same company. It's like when you see that shirt that says "I root for two teams, the Red Sox and whoever plays the Yankees." Fine slogan, of course, but then when you see the same shirt, but a Yankee fan version, designed the same way, same font, etc., you know it's not "a Red Sox fan making a shirt showing their loyalties," but a "money-grubbing whore who'll gladly go against everything they stand for as long as they get paid."

With the wines, at least some of the money goes to charity, but you can always give directly to a charity without giving money to Yankee-loving whores. And you know my policy, they could make wines or whatever for every other team if they want, but to say Go Sox and then turn around and say Here, Yankee fans, buy our Dumbo Vino, that's a boycott right there. For me anyway. Obviously a "sporting goods" company is going to make apparel for every team, but that's a different thing--and if that bothers you, you can always buy locally made Red Sox clothes made by Red Sox fans.

3. Red Sox (Beckett) v. Pirates, 1:05.

I could be wrong, it's happened once before, but I thought those wines were made by a CA company. I thought there were always different players from a bunch of teams. They just sent the wines to the markets closest to the players on the bottle.
The Red Sox were the first, I thought--and the place seems to be a bigger company with smaller independent ones or something. I did some research on it but as far as I know this started with the idea of Red Sox wine by people pretending to be Red Sox fans.

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