Friday, March 12, 2010

Tix Are Here, It's Mid-March...Let's Get On WIth It!

That is so crappy. I did a video of myself opening my 10-game plan ticket envelope. The sound is all echoey and cool. I watch the thing, and it turns out the sound didn't come out at all...and the video cuts off just as I'm taking the tickets out. Terrible job. The awkward, silent, cut-off video is here, but I recommend watching old episodes of Clarissa Explains it All instead, as you'd probably get more out of that.

The point is, my tickets came! I have to say though, it's not as exciting these days--but only because by the time the 10-gamer arrives, I've already bought at least ten other games--the games of my choice as opposed to the pre-selected games in the plan. So I've already had the excitement of getting the key games I want and receiving those in the little gray envelopes.

But it's good to have the Tenski for the 2 guaranteed Yanks games and a playoff game. (Then again, getting those isn't usually a problem, but it's good to have the guarantee.)

If you're new, I got my 10-game plan when they first debuted, before the 2004 season. They announced it, and I got on the phone, and was fortunate enough to get 2 bleacher seats in a really cool spot, then for $18 a pop, now up to $28. And I've renewed every year. It's the price of 10 tix times 2, plus a $20 fee. One dollar per ticket in fees total, and no extra for shipping is a great deal. (Despite what some Globe writer said about season ticket holders having to pay $40 for shipping or something. They certainly don't charge me that, just 20 bucks total tacked on.)

The guys on the 10-game plan tix: Beltre, Scutaro, Jacoby, Cameron, Drew, Beckett, Letser, Lackey, Pedroia, Dice-K. The four new guys are pictured at their press conferences.


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