Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Generation's "VCR Quarterback"?

Have you heard about Histurround? It's basically this dude in Wisconsin (or Idaho, for some reason I've always gotten those two confused) who has somehow taken that crazy "surround"-style Matrix camera technology and applied it to historical events. And it seems to concentrate on sports at least for now. My favorite one is the Willie Mays catch. We've all seen it from that one angle so many times, it's cool to see it from the sides, the back, etc. Here's the "back view":

I love the shadows! I guess if an event took place in a well-documented venue, it's (relatively) easy to do this. He's got all these screen shots up, and I'm pretty sure he's got these in video form (I can't seem to play the vids on my stupid PC), but even the stills are cool. Just go and root around over there:


Hey, using this technology, we may be able to find out who shot JFK!

I'm just now going to check it out. Looking at "THE CATCH" from that angle is amazing!
Good one, Jere. I tried to leave this comment yesterday but my computer became quirky.
Thanks for tryin' to help out, too! (Or were you really fooooled???)
I'm honored that I got the mention in the link. To be honest, I think I might have seen this picture of The Catch from an alternative angle before, but I'm not really sure. I know that many years ago, somewhere out in the desert in California or New Mexico or Arizona, an artist did a piece that consisted of large cutouts of Willie taken from photos of him at various points of tracking down that ball. It was pretty cool, I think Sports Illustrated did an article on it.
Nice. I don't remember that one.
Looking back at this post 6 years later, I see I did some nice auxiliary fake stuff in the post: saying I confuse Wisconsin and Idaho--I would NEVER do that. And talking about my "PC" when I'm a Mac person. Nice job, 6-years-ago me.

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