Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank You, Red Sox!!!!!

I can buy a hot dog at Fenway Park again! I've been a vegetarian for ten years, and every year I read about the ballpark improvements...and every year they mention the new food items, none of which help me out. Until this year!!!!! Halle-friggin'-lujah! VEGGIE DOGS (and burgers) at Fenway!

It also seems like they did a nice job with that area behind home plate at the back of the grandstand. The women's room line there is horrible, so it's good they revamped and moved the bathrooms out to where those ramps are atop Gate D. And they added a brick oven, so we'll see if that improves the pizza. And as we knew, all the LF seats are now consistent with the infield seats, complete with lower cross-aisle.

(Yet every day we hear sports radio hosts mocking Fenway and how shitty and cramped and horrible it is. Lighten the hell up! There's plenty of other stuff to complain field camera positioning, incorrect logo usage, incorrect usage of the term "walk-off," etc. etc.)

Just wanted to add my own Hallelujah for the home plate ladies room renovation. They've done the ones under 3B and in the bleachers in past years, but I always called that one behind home plate The Bathroom That Time Forgot. At any given time only half of the toilets and 1/3 of the sinks were actually functioning.
Jere, I wondered if you will have mustard on your upcoming veggie dog? You know what? I bet you it'll be delicious. ENJOY. This weekend...real baseball!!!

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