Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tear It Down

I kind of lost track of the progress of the demolition of Yankee Stadium, but I'm back on board, baby! This site is giving regular updates, with pics and video of that hell hole crumbling to the earth. Wild stuff, man. Thanks to Quinn for the reminder.

Speaking of deterioration, I just went through my Red Sox blogroll and put about 20 of 'em into the "Blurgatory" category. I blame the shitty "I'm on there because everyone else is" social shitshovelin' sites. For the people who can keep up both, nice job. To the ones who have eschewed having a place of their own to do actual writing for doing mini-updates that nobody could possibly about, terrible job. The good news is I get to laugh at everybody when each socialbarf site ends, but the bad news is there'll always be a new one to hate.

hear hear!

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