Monday, March 01, 2010


Was about to go to bed last night when I saw a Red Sox game on TV. It was MLBN showing the second Clemens 20K, on the Tigers' channel. Ernie Harwell was going on and on about Roger as he threw what seemed like 50 warm-up pitches with the camera zoomed in on his fat ass. Then, with my sound low and the fan on, I swore I heard him say that they were about to cut to Terry Francona talking about the Rocket, but I figured it was just my imagination. Until they cut to a shot of Tito in a Tigers hat! There he was, with hair showing under his hat (with the sideburns cut to top of ear, consistent with baseball style being five years behind), beaming about Clemens as if he were his player. It was great to get a glimpse of an era of Tito I'd previously never knowingly seen footage of. The post-Micheal Jordan/re-Phillies era.

I watched it on MLB last night, too. And how bizarre was it seeing Tito as a Tigers coach? I honestly don't remember him in Detroit...
I had completely missed that part of his career I guess... I didn't see beyond the first inning though...

Saw Nomar's tough chance in only his 13th game, and thought it was cool how he was talking to the veteran SS Alan Trammel when he was on second.

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