Monday, March 22, 2010

Sun Day

Chan's pics from yesterday, another beautiful day in Manhattan.

The first bunch are from the High Line. I've been waiting to go to this thing since I first heard about the idea. It's an elevated park up on old train tracks on the lower west side. I love how people sit in that theater-like area to watch 10th Avenue as if it were a movie. And they've done some cool things with the benches and the way the concrete is laid out. In shot 17, zoom in and look right in the middle of the pic. And check out the shot I took with the Empire State Building squared up to that castle-like building. (And read "Moran's" as "Moron's," of course.)

The last few are from Madison Square Park. There's an art installation with these statues all around, some at ground level, some atop buildings. We were trying to spot as many as we could. I feel like if you didn't know about it, you probably wouldn't notice them anyway.

I heard a little of the 'cists on EEI this morning. They asked the question, "Do you think liberals really care about these people, these 32 million uninsured? Isn't it just an act?"

Hey assholes, if we didn't really care about people, we'd be Republicans!


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