Monday, March 08, 2010


Hey, does anyone know anything about this jingle, or, better yet, have audio/video of it?

take your shoes off, put your feet up, its time to meet up with the boston red sox, boston born and boston red sox, relax, relax, relax, and be a sox watcher

That's cut/pasted from what my co-worker who brought it up sent me. I only see a little bit of info on this online, which is the same as what she told me, that it was on before Sox games in the 70s. (I wouldn't have seen this since we never got 38--unless the affiliates showed it, too, but the Connecticut history of the Sox is sketchy in the pre-WVIT-30 days. I remember my dad saying that WFSB-Channel 3 had them before 30, but rarely, and I was very young anyway.

The songs I associate the Sox with from when I was a kid were the ones Channel 30 would play--and I still haven't figured out if these were on 38 or if 30 was just choosing random songs to match to their Sox coverage: Industrial Disease, Obsession, Every Little Kiss...

Did you know before this spring is done, the Red Sox will have sold out over 100 consecutive games at City of Palms Park? Cuz, like, they will have.

No audio or video, but I remember that well, from whatever Hartford channel used to carry the Ch. 38 feed at that the time. My brother used to walk around the house singing it. We thought it was oh-so-clever; put your FEET up, and be a SOX watcher. See what they did there?
Cool! Can you remember what year it would have been? And what was the video, just highlights I take it?

And I actually hadn't seen what they did there till you said that, ha.
This rang such a bell I had to do some searching.

Check the comment from MJQ:
We posted simultaneously there... Okay so she says '72-'73...we're narrowing it down. I want video!
I remember this as being the intro before game coverage began. I can't remember if there was any real video or just station and Sox logo stuff.

(And of course you had to take your shoes off before you could put your feet up and be a Sox watcher.)
I found a reference confirming that this was the intro to coverage, and Youtube videos of Ch 38 promos from the 80's/90's ending with "Put on your Sox" which I take as a reference to their old jingle, but no video with the jingle itself - not surprising since this was before the proliferation of VCRs.

I know in the 80s they had a "The Game is On" jingle based on "The Heat is On."
Oh I remember that jingle well. It was on TV all the time in the local Portland, Maine television station's low-tech promos for their games. I have a vague recollection that it may have been a montage of pictures of the Red Sox doing various baseball-chasing, pitching, and hitting activities. I was a kid and not a fan yet. They played that jingle for a couple of years before I got into baseball. Man, I hope I didn't become a fan *because* of that jingle! Oh man. No, it can't be. I became a fan of the Red Sox because baseball is great, and in retrospect, loving the Red Sox and hating the Yankees were as natural as breathing. The way the Yankees acted! The way Steinbrenner bought his teams! The way Bowie Kuhn prevented the Red Sox from acquiring good pitchers from the A's! Lately the Yankees have almost been behaving themselves, so it is becoming harder to hate them. But that jingle -- that jingle *defined* a certain period of my youth, even before baseball. I would love to have a tape of it.
Glad I could help bring back some memories--especially with a 2-year old post!
The video was of Reggie Smith running around the bases in slow motion and then sliding in a cloud of dust.
Nice, thanks!

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