Friday, March 12, 2010

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Sale

Even though I once dreamed of being up on the right field roof when it was just a roof (and a Jimmy Fund sign), I don't really see the appeal to sitting up there. Probably because I don't drink. Unless you want to be at a bar the whole game or be in seats that cost a fortune that are really far away, I don't see a reason to buy seats there. (You also get that "food credit," but all I need at a game is a slice of pizza if I didn't eat dinner and a few sips of water that I can get at the water fountain because I don't wanna pay $4 for a bottle.) Even the standing room makes no sense--they cost $30, but you can be on the same level by first or third base for $25.

I am glad they did something with that area and it was cool to make my dream a reality by hanging around up there before games, but as of now, I never watch games from there. That's just me.

But if YOU want to sit there, call "the number" tomorrow at 2. I've gotten through the last two Saturdays for Yanks and Monsters. Prepare to redial....

I went there and had standing room (it was for the game they could have clinched a playoff spot with -- and instead lost and "backed into the playoffs" later that night). About halfway through the game we noticed that there was one table right in the front row (above the 8 I think) that had been unoccupied for several innings, so we snuck down and sat at it. Those people all have waitresses basically, who come around and bring beer and food to them, but the service seemed like it was dying down by this point. Except for one who came over and said "Excuse me..." I assumed we had been caught, and she said "are you friends of David?" and I immediately shot back "oh, yes we are!" So she was happy. Then an inning after that David HIMSELF came over, and we started apologizing and getting up, except that he only wanted to grab the program he had left on the table, and told us to stay! Fenway is friendly.

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