Sunday, March 07, 2010

Red Sox With 4 Or More Dongs Vs. A Single Pitcher

Ortiz: 6 (Halladay)
Beltre: 5 (Livan Hernandez)
Drew: 5 (Claudio Vargas)
Lowell: 4 (Lieber, Kazmir, Greg Maddux)
Victor: 4 (Silva, Verlander, Johan Santana)
Cameron: 4 Rich Hill, Livan Hernandez)
Tek: 4 (Garrett Olson, David Wells)

I only listed the guy(s) each one had the most against. Other starters:

Pedroia: 3 (David Hernandez)
Scutaro: 3 (Jamie Moyer)
Ellsbury: 2 (Halladay)
Youk: 2 (10 dudes)

Red Sox at Orioles, 1:00 on MLB Network.

Hey, I got one of those cards in a Topps pack that gives you a random card from the past. My card: 1988 Mike Schmidt. Pretty cool I actually got a Hall of Famer, but it's a fairly worthless card. You can go on their site and trade cards, but I gotta figure even the biggest Schmidt fan knows how easy it would be to obtain a 1988 card of his, so what am I gonna get for it. I should try to pull a One Red Paperclip and keep trading until I get a Ted Williams card or whatever.


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