Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red Sox "On" NESN

Update, 3:55: Red Sox turn triple play to end the game! Line out to short, flip to second for two, and then a throw to first--as the runner dives in, the throw gets away. Catcher backs up the play and easily throws to second to get the guy trying to advance. 6-4-2-4 (or 6-4-3-2-4 if the first baseman got a glove on it) triple play to win the game! And Don and Rem are afraid to say the words "triple play"! Finally during the Tito interview they get word that yes, three outs on one play is called a triple play. Even Pete Abe on XB calls it "a sort of triple play"! Helloooo? It's a triple play! That was pretty sweet. Good thing NESN wasn't having their little difficulties at that point--most of this game had no video. Catch the replay tonight on MLBN.

Update, 3:00: I just watched as the picture flipped on! We're seeing baseball... it's all sunny and the Sox are in their home whites instead of shitty ST-unis. (Which all teams wear in spring training--this is a criticism of the entire concept, not just the Red Sox. By the way, how come Yankee fans never admit that they DO wear alternate unis in spring training when they're talking about how their team would never do such a thing?)

The game is on NESN right now, but technical difficulties is preventing us from seeing the all-important video portion of the broadcast. Don't worry, the commercials are coming through crystal clear. 0-0 in the 6th-ish...

Which Yankee fans don't admit they (Yanks) have a different uni for ST?

You can't make blanket statement like that. There are a lot of different kind of Yankee fans - they range from extremely smart to extremely stupid. I bet those same types exist in RSN, too.
Yankee fans talk constantly about how their team has this holy tradition and that they would never sully the pinstripes by doing something like wearing anything but the "classic uniform." While all the other teams have used alternate uniforms, the Yanks would NEVER do it--except when they do.

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