Thursday, March 04, 2010

NYC Activties

We tried to go to the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA over "the holidays" but all the time slots had been sold. We may still get there, but if not, here's an online gallery version.

Also, I noticed on that they're having a ticket pre-sale for "valued patrons." I thought, Hmmm...the Mets probably value any warm body right about now, let me see if I can get into this sale. Sure enough, within one second of typing "Mets presale code" into Google, I had several different codes. So if you live in the northeast and want to see an MLB game and have some room around your seat, go to that Mets pre-sale and type in Santana.

I had two calls (maybe more, I stopped answering) from the Mets trying to sell me season tickets and premium seating. This despite the fact that I only bought tix to the on-deck exhibition games with the Sox last year, and the fact that I live in Boston, which might have given them a clue.

Also, I heard from another friend that the only Opening Day tix available in the presale were the premium seats.
I also got a call from the Mets! (Also because I got a Sox-Mets April exhibition game last season.)

I didn't check OD, just summer Saturdays, and plenty of seats were avail. But I figured I can just go when I'm down there and it shouldn't be hard to buy tix day of.

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