Saturday, March 06, 2010

Not Yet, Joe (Updating)

3:44: Sweet, I'm in--no LA left at all, but am getting a Sunday game. And I'm gold! Card went through. Interesting, the fee is different--$35 each plus a random "$10 fee," instead of 4.50 per seat plus shipping or whatever it is.... Haha, phone method works again! Hope you all got lucky too... (Another odd thing was that he gave me my confirmation # and it was the same # as my 10-game pla account. I was like, That's my confirmation number? And he's like, "Yeah....'s also your season ticket account number." Whatever, dude. Long as I get those tickets. Lackey did well today, and Tug homered. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going outside!!!

3:41: Listening to hold music--why would they have this "what's your name, who's your daddy" on there?

3:37: At the magic Bill Lee time, I'm in! Now just gotta wait on hold, then see if any SROs are left--I never pay the $150-plus for seats up there.

3:16: Still not through. This is right around the time I got through last week, though, so....

1:54: Know what's weird? On they have Bud Deck SRO tix on sale. Yet the Bud Deck seats in general don't even go on sale until next week, through the lottery. If I cared about Bud Deck, I'd be hoppin' on those SROs right now--it's rendering next Saturday's phone sale for those meaningless (if you only want SRO).

1:50: I switched over to the Twins feed because the Sox one is way too low, and the Twins announcer, not to be outdone, called the Red Sox the "Red Wings."

Two Sox games at 1, Monster Seats at 2 for lottery losers. Castiglione, just now: "It's a sunny Sunday afternoon...."


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