Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mazzter Of Puppets. Shitty Puppets.

I flipped on Tony Mazz and that effed up guy on The Sports Hub after work, and felt like I was in bizarro world. Mazz was telling me that nothing about the 2007 Red Sox season was exciting compared to the previous 90 years of Red Sox baseball, and that when we swept the World Series, everyone said, "That was unfulfilling."

2007 had one of the most exciting finishes to a pennant race, and one of the most exciting comebacks in postseason history. And even if none of that had happened, if we'd won every game 10-0 and swept all the postseason series with all 10-0 wins, the second championship of our lifetimes still would have been "fulfilling" to say the least.

They went on to talk about how there isn't one big star like Pedro, Yaz, or "Manny and Ortiz" (as if Ortiz isn't still on the fucking team). What they're doing by saying this is lamenting the fact that the Red Sox have multiple superstars on the team. Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, Jon Papelbon, Josh Beckett--these guys would be gods on the Kansas City Royals. Instead, they're just great players on the Red Sox--nothing to complain about!

I never know if these guys just say shit to get people to call in, or if they're just stupid, but either way it stinks. I turned it off but flipped by again as they were telling me that "half the (Red Sox) fans hate Papelbon." I can't even imagine where this would come from, other than maybe that they judge it on the 99% of talk show callers whose memories don't go further back than the previous game....

Which effed up guy? Felger or Gresch? I actually kind of have grown to like Felger's crazy rants about Asteroids and Solar Flares and apocalypse.

Andy Gresch - not such a fan of. He's the guy who asked Nomar if he was on steroids when he was doing interviews for his retiring as a Red Sox. Seriously, you can't let him just have his day, gotta play radio station tough guy?
I think it was felg today. For a while I almost liked him, but that feeling is waning. And yeah gretch is really annoying. The nomar day was horrible on that (and the other) station.
I absolutely abhor these dumbass writers who think that things were better when the Red Sox still had that media-created "curse" to deal with. 2007 wasn't as "exciting" as 2004. What could possibly be, ever?

Screw them. I'll take every Red Sox World Championship I can lay my hands on, and I could care less how they get it. Sportswriters are lower on the food chain than politicians and lawyers in my book.
Wow, really? (This is why I don't listen to talk radio!)

I guess spending all my time watching and listening to games, going to games, traveling to spring training, reading and writing Red Sox blogs, talking about baseball at work all day, and counting down to Opening Day has left me completely out of touch with what real fans think... ;-)

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