Sunday, March 28, 2010

Logo Nogo

I've never seen anything like this in sports. When a team changes their logo, it's announced usually to some degree of fanfare, and then that new logo replaces the old one. Sometimes the old one is brought back years later if the team wants to go back to it, or it's brought back for some kind of retro-day or something. Granted, there's a grace period where you might see the old logo, but when a team logo changes, it's changed.

With the Red Sox, though, they changed the logo, changing the old blue "BOSTON" to a red version, in the same font as "RED SOX" below, and tweaked the positioning of the baseball stitching behind the socks. There was a press conference and everything, announcing that and the changing of the road uniforms and the addition of alternate hats. We all saw it.

Yet some people are sticking with that old logo. I've brought up many examples of this, and even noticed channel 10 here in Providence using it the other day.

But today, just now, I was watching the Red Sox game on NESN. They put up a graphic on the screen advertising tickets for April and May games. AND THEY USED THE OLD LOGO! What's going on here? The network that the team owns can't get this right? Over a year after the logo was changed? Was the new logo just a suggestion? Are they gonna accidentally wear the old road uniform on occasion? Do a Google search for "red sox logo" and it's as if they never changed it. I can't even believe that, let alone NESN getting it wrong.

I still haven't accepted the "new" Pawtucket logo, even though it's been years. To date, I have met exactly one other person who cares about this.
But the difference is, you're choosing not to accept it, but all these places that are using the old Red Sox logo are doing it because they're dumb. I liked the old Red Sox one as it was, but if I'm NESN, I'm noting the logo change and switching over accordingly the day it happens. Same with anybody else, unless you're purposely doing it to boycott, like all of us who still say "Devil Rays."

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