Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kim, Red Sox On TV

Video of Kim on The Rhode Show yesterday. Pretty cool that that site lets you embed video. If the above doesn't work, click here.

Red Sox on MLB Network for you unemployed/night-workers today at 1 against the Metros.

For those employed, today's Sox-Mets game will be rebroadcast at 7 PM on SNY.
Ha, nice.

Spoiler: Lackey pitches well.
How is a soap the size of a cake used? Do people cut a slice off?
Yes, you get slices, she sells it by the slice at shows.
Way to go, Kim! She has a great TV presence, too- lovely voice, no awkwardness, etc.

And awesome soap, too.
Major congratulations to Kim on the tv spot, and the success with the soap business! Major Anti-Terrible Job by Kim! But, Major Terrible Job by me to take a full month to comment on this. What can I say, life has been pretty busy. Does Kim make soap for babies?

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