Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honest(ly Ridiculous) Abe

Pete Abraham is pissing me the eff off. He had alluded to this earlier on Extra Bases, but now he's written a whole article about how no Red Sox player ever leaves the team on good terms:

"Who's the last significant player to leave Boston with a smile? It might be Yaz or Dewey Evans. We're a tough bunch."

We're a tough bunch? Excuse me, but wasn't this guy covering the New York Yankees less than six months ago? And now he has the nerve to refer to the Red Sox and/or Red Sox fans as "we"? He also talks about how these guys are "painted" after they leave--gee, I wonder who's responsible for that, media boy?

But back to the point--he is claiming no "significant" Red Sox player since Dwight Evans has left on good terms. It makes sense that Pete would have missed all the Red Sox who have left the team on good terms over the last few years because hewascoveringthefuckingYankees!

We (I can say "we" because when the Yankees offer this Red Sox fan money to blog for their side I say "fuck off") batted Trot Nixon leadoff in his last game. He then left and said the words "no hard feelings." From the Globe at the time Indians' GM Mark Shapiro signed Trot: The Sox, Shapiro said, handled Nixon's situation with great sensitivity. "The organization still has strong ties to Trot and didn't want to break them off," Shapiro said. "They certainly didn't burn any bridges. The relationship with the Red Sox should endure long after his career is over." Then he returned in a Cleveland uniform and was given a long, loud standing ovation or nine. I was there for his last game with the Sox, and his first game back with the Tribe--while Pete Abe was hanging around the Yankee locker room.

Hall of Famer Curt Schilling recently retired from baseball. He ended his career with the Boston Red Sox after leading US to two word championships. The team and the fans remain fans of Curt's, and there was no problem when he officially left.

Bill Mueller left without a peep. The list keeps going.

Derek Lowe may not have been happy with the team when he left, but within a few months, he was missing time with his new team to go to Fenway Park to get his World Series ring, getting one of the biggest ovations of the day. I was there. Pete Abe covered that game, too, in a filthy pinstriped suit. And now he's trying tell all the ex-Red Sox that "it's okay to come back," like so many already have to huge cheers?

Like Dave Roberts? Along with Kevin Millar? O-Cab? Kapler? Mirabelli? Pedro? And all the other star players the new ownership has embraced and put in luxury boxes and onto Duck Boats? We "treat our players like they fell off the face of the earth," he says. To say that is to have fallen off the face of the earth yourself, right into a big, stinkin', bottomless Yankee pit, which is what former Red Sox fan Pete Abe did in 2005.

And even when talking about how much he likes Nomar and the team making good, he mocks it by saying they were "pretending" to like each other. (He also said that Nomar was "seemingly sentimental" at the press conference, before taking the word "seemingly" out of the article--I think the whole thing is down now but I got a screen shot.)

Okay, enough of this. Hopefully I can stop myself from reading his opinions from his "such a huge lifelong Red Sox fan that I'll gladly do a Yankee blog before coming back to the Red Sox and then pretending like it never happened" point of view and skip to the game updates and actual news. The guy is non-stop and obviously cares about this new gig, but he just keeps pissing me off.

So I put up another video from the me/Chan trip. It works as weird little tribute to Nomar since I'm wearing his shirt. It's July '99, and we've driven from Toronto to Windsor, and we're looking across the river at Detroit, where we'd soon see a Tigers vs. Pete Abe's True Favorite Team game and I'd have my legendary run-in with Roger Clemens. Also note my very horse-mane-y mohawk.

And if you missed it last year, here's my post from Nomar's return game--I was at Fenway, Pete Abe was busy sniffing Jeter's decidedly non-red socks.


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